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Repossessed houses are sold on average at 36% less than their market value!

Our Dedicated Search facility bring you Undervalued Repossessed 
15-years tradingProperty at  up to 48% less than market value!!  
 We have an enviable track record in sourcing outstanding property investments and specialises in the area of distressed assets.  we have forged relationships with auctioneers, receivers and administrators to list substantial discounts to market value houses for subscribers. We are proud of our track record and invite you to look at a sample of properties we have listed 
     our service is only £8.87 for a full months subscription
and then if you wish, £8.87 for every month  after that 
We do of course give you a 7 day trial period
We have featured bargain & repossessed houses for 15 years! 
In the last 12 months we  featured over 34,000 properties worth in excess of £2.4 billion.
  We publish the true market value, location maps,  environmental reports and past sales history on these properties
 Buy properties for a discount of up to 48%. That's a saving of £40,000 on a £100,000 house. Buy a bargain Property ..then Sell for a Handsome Profit! Any  experienced property dealer will tell you that the first rule is to buy property at the right price in the right area, and that's what we'll show you how to do! You don't need experience of  business or property 
    Buy Undervalued & Repossessed Property                                                                                                                                              
  • brochure download Government-Auction delivers a fast search to find auctioneers of Government property, Bankrupt properties from The Official Receiver and more! Click to go to  Government Auctions. 
  • House repossessions at all time high!  
    This is the site the property professionals use:
     Dedicated to making, saving and earning money from renovation property and undervalued   houses! 
    We offer a Real Time Online property bargain Search Engine...
    for dedicated property bargain hunters! 
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