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How to claim Unregistered Property and Land
             Written by Property Professionals

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                           The Most Read definitive guide to claiming Free land and Property via Adverse Possession


 You can legally and rightfully claim it for free and become the rightful owner of unregistered, abandoned and unwanted UK land and properties. Years ago when they were abandoned they were probably worthless, Now! worth a fortune.


Updated in line with the UK Land laws and the Registration Act. This is a definite "must read" for  all serious Property Income Seekers  
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 There are tens of thousands of unregistered, unclaimed  plots of land, property and buildings in the UK, sitting there unused, forgotten and abandoned simply waiting for people to legally claim them for themselves.

Did you know that 1250 plots  of unregistered land, property and derelict buildings are alt snapped up and legally claimed each month by people just like you.


Due to the changes in the UK Land Registry Act 2003, there are now legal processes in place to help you claim unregistered and abandoned land and property and claim it as your own !

Land - Unregistered, neglected and potentially valuable plots of land such as fields, marshlands, woodland and grassed areas can legally and rightfully be claimed as you.


How many in  your town or city? Probably 100's maybe 1000's

Derelict property - Thousands of homes many of them half finished projects lie abandoned across the UK, most belong to alt someone but many thousands no longer belong to anybody at all.
Get in first and register one for yourself.
Abandoned buildings - Warehouse and industrial buildings can lie empty for years.
Use UK laws to become the rightful owner for next to nothing!
Why is all this land and property not already claimed? Because people are simply unaware that they can legally and rightfully claim abandoned and unregistered land and property.
As a matter of interest this information on claiming unregistered property is currently offered on the net & eBay as an e-book for anything from £12.95 up to £69.50. Check it out: search Google for "unregistered property" and there they are! We're not saying it's worth that but it's a freeby from us!!   We'll show you how!   Brochure request & free CD-rom




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