How to find unregistered property and land

 Turn an unregistered or derelict property into your dream home

Ever dreamed of buying a derelict house for next to nothing and turning it into a beautiful home? Or finding an unregistered property and claiming it as your own?.A pipe-dream maybe, but for some people this is the only way that they can afford to get onto to the property ladder. And with an estimated 900,000 empty or derelict homes in Britain, there are plenty to choose from.

Claim unregistered Land & Property      FREE
You can legally and rightfully claim it for free and become the rightful owner of unregistered, abandoned and unwanted UK plots of land and properties. Years ago when they were abandoned they were probably worthless, Now! worth a fortune.

How to claim Unregistered Property and Land
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Finding unregistered empty or derelict properties

derelict2A house or flat may be left empty for a number of years
Why houses may be left empty

The owner:

  • may be in hospital, in residential care or in prison, consider making an offer
  • may have died and there is a dispute over ownership, walk away
  • may have died and the next-of-kin cannot be traced, check to see if it is unregistered
  • may have been repossessed, check our database, past sales and current availability
  • may be unable to pay to repair the property,financial difficulties, consider making an offer
  • may want to leave the property to his / her children to deal with after they have died, walk away

How to tell if a house has been empty for a long time

derelict4Although it cannot always be easy to say for certain that a house has been empty for a period of time,

assumptions may be made if:

  • the property is boarded up or has metal screens over the doors and windows
  • no-one is ever seen entering or leaving the property
  • overgrown front and back gardens
  • rubbish dumped in the front or back of the property
  • pests and vermin in the neighbouring properties
  • evidence of squatting or illegal activities
  • visual appearance of the house, e.g holes in the roof, broken windows and doors
Let your council do the work for you! After all you pay your taxes!
derelict2If you know of an empty house that fills any of the above conditions then contact your local council to talk about how they can help you to bring the property back into use. Report it as derelict.
Most councils have an empty property officer whose job it is to find solutions to problems that empty homes can cause, like making the street look unattractive.
Local councils can legally deal with privately owned derelict buildings which have become insecure and open to public access.
The building control section of your local council is responsible for making sure reported derelict and insecure buildings are dealt with. Once your report is received, a building control officer will visit the site as soon as possible to see if action needs to be taken.
If the building is both derelict and insecure then a notice will be sent to the owner giving them 48 hours to secure their building. If the owner can't be traced within a reasonable amount of time or if the building is an immediate danger to the public then the building control section will arrange to have the building secured. Make your move immediately and claim as the property will most certainly be unregistered.

The following link which only works in England will let you enter details of where you live and then take you to your local authority website where you can find out more. Sorry Wales, Ireland and Scotland you will have find them manually.Link
 Check with your local planning authority that you can get planning permission on the property.
 Find out if the property is a listed building. If it is, you will need to get approval at every stage. However you may also be eligible for a grant to help do up the listed building. For example if you plan to rent the house out to housing association tenants, you may be able to get an Empty House Grant worth £10,000.

 Auctions are also place to buy a derelict property or empty houses for sale cheaply. For more info visit: or

 derelict5 If you are buying through an auction, make sure you set yourself an upper limit and stick to it. Otherwise you may get carried away and end up paying more than the property is worth.
 Always get a survey carried out before you buy. You should do this before you even start bidding at an auction.
Shop around for the best mortgage rate, and donít expect to get a rate as good as when buying an ordinarily property. There are specialist lenders who deal with these types of property. We supply a list on the property-partner.
When borrowing, budget for all the renovations costs along the way. Donít spend more on the renovations than the house will actually be worth on completion. Otherwise if you are forced to sell quickly you could find yourself in negative equity.

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